Mergers and Acquisitions

In order to achieve a certain scale and capitalize on competitiveness, or expand businesses into other industries, or to achieve globalization, or to broaden their business operations across jurisdictional borders and into other countries, joint ventures as well as mergers and acquisitions are a common and popular choice adopted by corporations to achieve such goals. In addition, the evolution of the political, social and economic climates makes mergers and acquisitions often the preferable action for foreign corporations. The target for these mergers and acquisitions are no longer limited to domestic corporations, as foreign companies have become important players in new commercial trends.

Mergers and acquisition of corporations involves quite a variety of laws and regulations. FT’s legal professionals with practical knowledge and experience in mergers and acquisitions, not only can effectively provide clients with advice regarding relevant laws and regulations for the preparation for mergers and acquisitions activity, but also can act in accordance with clients’ instructions to conduct due diligence on target companies to assist clients in assessing the corporate structure, conditions, purpose of merger and acquisition as well as deciding on the most beneficial form of merger or acquisition after considering restrictions imposed by the various laws and regulations. Once the client has executed its merger or acquisition procedures, FT assists in the drafting and revising of the merger or acquisition agreement and provides advice and solutions to prevent or deal with problems faced by the client. FT also helps clients with applications in Taiwan related to permits and registrations required in connection with the merger or acquisition activity.

In circumstances involving international mergers or acquisitions, due to our longtime and close collaborative relationships with law firms in various jurisdictions, while the merger is taking place abroad, FT can assist domestic client in obtaining advice from foreign legal professionals. FT also has been participating in many mergers and acquisitions carried out by foreign companies in Taiwan. FT has extensive experience in assisting clients to achieve their desired goals whether the merger or acquisition is taking place in Taiwan or in a foreign jurisdiction.