Banking, Finance and Securities

Since the establishment of Formosa Transnational (FT), this firm has aimed to provide multi-faceted, seamless services to clients from different industry sectors. FT has extensive experience in dealing with matters related to the areas of banking, finance and securities. FT’s attorneys have specialized expertise in the fields of banking, securities finance and securities and provide creative, quality and practical solutions for domestic and international clients.

Banking & Finance

FT provides efficient and timely legal solutions to banks, corporations and sponsors, in connection with a full range of services varying from establishment services such as the formation of new banks, assisting foreign banks in setting up representative or branch offices in Taiwan, and preparing applications for the establishment of offshore finance centers, to transactional services such as for loans, project equity and financing, guarantees, trusts, foreign currency transactions, letters of credit and international payment collections. FT attorneys also assist in the planning, drafting, reviewing and advising on contracts related to newly emerging financial services.


FT has been the longtime legal consultant for many securities brokers in Taiwan and was among the first law firms to complete a draft of standard terms and conditions for agreements used to establish securities investment and trusts in the early 1980s. This draft remains still a highly consulted resource for legal professionals in Taiwan.

FT has assisted many enterprises in the issuance of various types of securities for the purpose of fundraising in the domestic securities market. Our legal professionals are knowledgeable of and experienced with the practical operation of laws and regulations governing newly emerged financial products (such as futures and options).

With experiences accumulated over the decades, FT is able to provide both domestic and international clients the most cost-efficient, timely and valuable legal services.