Taxation Matters

There have recently been dramatic changes in the administrative relief procedures related to taxation matters. A taxpayer who disagrees with a decision of the taxation authorities can apply to the authority where the original decision was awarded for a re-determination. If the taxpayer is still unsatisfied with the decision after redetermination, he may file an administrative appeal and if he disagrees yet again he may initiate an administrative action at the Administrative High Court of Taiwan. Finally, where the taxpayer is unsatisfied with the decision of the Administrative High Court, he may file an appeal to the Administrative Supreme Court.

The attorneys at Formosa Transnational are experienced in providing professional legal services in all stages of the administrative relief proceedings related to taxation matters. In addition to drafting pleadings and appearing in court on behalf of clients at the administrative litigation stage, our attorneys provide valuable and timely advice and counsel to clients regarding issues likely to emerge in administrative proceedings as well as on relevant laws and regulations concerning compulsory execution and restriction on traveling abroad for the purposes of assisting clients in protecting their interests during proceedings. Formosa Transnational provides a broad range of services related to taxation matters and covers all of the categories of taxes in Taiwan. Formosa Transnational also has extensive experience and can assist clients in preparing applications for privileged concessions to minimize different types of tax liability. Furthermore, in relation to foreign nationals’ investment in Taiwan and merger and acquisition matters, Formosa Transnational can provide relevant tax information to facilitate, expedite and assist clients in achieving their overall strategic goals.