Since its start, Formosa Transnational has handled trademark matters and the most distinct characteristics of its approach to the same is that FT's attorneys fully utilize collective experiences learned from other IP disputes, and assist clients in identifying trademark use and strategies for comprehensive implementation at the management level. Depending upon the clients' particular businesses and product characteristics, FT advises as to the appropriate classification of goods and services and as to strategies for the protection of clients' marks and use of the same in order to ensure a competitive advantage can be maintained.

Formosa Transnational's trademark services includes: application of trademark, re-application where an application has been rejected, examination of reports, receiving and checking for accuracy registration certificate and advising regarding use and renewal requirements, filing appeals where applications have been rejected, administrative actions, as well as licensing and assignments. In addition, FT also provides services related to trademark counterfeiting watches, raids, injunctions in criminal proceedings, provisional attachments, and civil litigation. Formosa Transnational has won world recognition in the global trademark war between Budweiser Budvar N.C. and Anheuser-Busch, through FT’s successful representation of Budweiser Budvar in the application and registration process and in defending against and defeating the opposition and administrative litigation filed by Anheuser-Busch in Taiwan.

Through the rise of Taiwan's economy and brand consciousness, there have been increasing numbers of trademarks registered in Taiwan and overseas, with Taiwanese companies applying for trademark registration overseas ever more frequently. Based on the experiences with both domestic and foreign clients, FT attorneys have gained insight and understanding into strategies and use of clients’ marks throughout the world. FT has cultivated longstanding and trustworthy partnerships with many reputable law firms in the primary markets all around the world (U.S, EU, Japan, Hong Kong, and China), that are fully capable assisting clients with their missions and goals for the protection of their company brands and names.