Over the years, Taiwan has become increasingly more innovative and creative in the traditional industries. Advancements are made everyday and records are set in the technology-driven industries, particularly in connection with semiconductors, IC designs, packaging, testing, computer hardware and software and peripherals, the Internet, telecommunications, information, optics, mobile telephone technology, digital cameras, flat panel televisions, TFT-LCD, LED, and biomedical engineering, to name a few. These rapid advancements enhance production quality and affect the global economy. These technological advancements also make it necessary to protect innovative inventions during the research period and through the time that they are granted a patent. The importance of patents is widely recognized in the industries and the rate of patent applications and grants have grown considerably.

The technology law department of Formosa Transnational understands that high quality patents are a key to competitiveness in the marketplace. With over 20 years of experience in dealing with patent matters, the technology law team at Formosa Transnational has provided clients with the highest quality patent services. Formosa Transnational’s team of excellent patent engineers specializes in various technologies, including the traditional fields of electronic, mechanical and civil engineering. Our engineers are also experienced in the newer areas of chemical and biochemical engineering, high-tech computer software and hardware, semiconductors, IC designs, packaging, testing, the Internet, electronic commerce, optics, telecommunications, mobile telephones, TFT-LCD, LED, biotechnology, biochips, nanoscience, test kits, biomedical products, and Asian herbal medicines.

Formosa Transnational places emphasis on nurturing patent engineers, and in addition to maintaining a traditional apprenticeship system, junior engineers are supervised and mentored by senior and more experienced engineers and practical experience is in this way shared. The patent engineer team also holds weekly IP forums where attorneys practicing IP law and patent engineers gather to report and discuss matters that are currently being handled by the team. Through these weekly forums, the team learns of updated and new laws and regulations as well as case precedents from both domestic and foreign jurisdictions. These meetings are of great practical benefit to the team members.

Formosa Transnational’s patent practice is widely recognized and well-regarded amongst industry leaders and this firm’s client-base includes renowned domestic and foreign business entities and research institutions. Our services include:

1.Patent Searches

including research of entire patent specifications, analysis of patent maps, search of patent families, and collection of patent infringement cases.

2.Patent Application

including assessments of patentability and reports, drafting of patent specifications, drawings, applications of design and rehearsal of patent claims, applications for appeal and re-examination of patents, providing insightful analysis in connection with patent rejections and providing legal advice with respect to patent application strategies in foreign jurisdictions, patent analysis and maintenance, and management of patent continuances.

3.Administrative disputes involving patents:

including research, analysis and collection of evidence, providing legal advice, raising, drafting and filing patent invalidations, defending and representing clients in administrative appeals.

4.Design of patent infringement analysis and avoidance:

including consultation and providing advice regarding infringement searches, patent infringement evaluations, patent technology matching and consultation on analysis and designs of patents, drafting demand/warning letters, collection of evidence substantiating infringement claims, assisting in credit searches to facilitate patent infringement claims.

5.Patent Education Training and Promotion:

including planning patent education curriculum, holding seminars regarding patent fundamentals, patent technology analysis and discussion.

6.Patent Licensing and transfer:

including licenses, transfers, assisting in patent licensing negotiations, drafting and reviewing patent license agreements, assisting in the drafting of patent technology transfer agreements. 7.Usage of Patent strategies: including intellectual property management, assisting in the management of IP portfolios, and consultation regarding patent strategies.

7.Usage of Patent strategies:

including intellectual property management, assisting in the management of IP portfolios, and consultation regarding patent strategies.