Biotechnology and Legal Matters

It has been predicted that biotechnology (biotech) will be the next popular big industry following the electronic information industry. The biotech industry produces many different products, including testing kits (including biotech chips), research and development of new drugs (including Chinese herbal medicines, chemical medicines, proteins and medicines related to genetics and platforms for medicine selection), laboratory study (including CRO), application of stem cells (including tissue and rejuvenation engineering), genetic engineering (including genetically modified products, and animal and plant species).

FT is very fortunate to have a team of biotech experts, which is rare in Taiwan law firms. This team includes attorneys that devote long-term study and research biotech and medical laws and regulations, attorneys that possess dual degree backgrounds in biochemistry and law, as well as patent engineers with backgrounds in biochemistry. This team commonly services businesses and research institutions that specialize in biotechnology in connection with contract negotiations and dispute resolution involving IP matters, as well as with the coordination with and contact with government administrative officials.

As the biotech science industry involves medical breakthroughs, ethical restrictions, the protection of private rights, public interests and sensitive issues, the problems encountered by the industries can often not be resolved by application of laws currently in force. As such, the resolution of these issues requires research into the fundamentals, which means, in addition to the direction provided by current laws and regulations, anticipation of the newest regulations is necessary to be able to assist government entities and industries to overcome new obstacles. Moreover, it has been helpful to FT to advise government authorities on the policies, trends and strategies, which conform to the needs of the biotech industry and which provide protection to the public interests as well.

Formosa Transnational’s team of professionals regularly holds seminars to discuss biotech policies and systems and laws and regulations in different countries throughout the world. Such seminars are offered in order to assists clients to become informed of the latest information and to provide comprehensive services. In the biotech area, FT’s clients include Academia Sinica, Industrial Technology Research Institute, Biology Medical Center, Development Center of Biotechnology, Animal Science and Technology Center, Research Units at universities and education centers as well as other renowned biotechnology companies, both domestic and foreign.

Formosa Transnational has expertise in handling IP matters related to the biotech field, including strategic planning and management of IP rights, obtaining patent rights and trademark rights (including administrative proceedings with the IPO in preliminary stages and administrative suits at the administrative courts at later stages), IP licensing, infringement analysis and IP litigation. FT’s attorneys, with the support and collaboration from the FT biotech team, can assist in the resolution of matters quickly and efficiently for clients.