Environmental Practice

While concerns for environmental protection have increased throughout the world in recent years, the Taiwan Government has also been working to establish environmental laws and regulations, as well as to promote environmental awareness, in an effort to conform to international standards. As a result, Taiwan’s laws and regulations regarding the import and export of chemical substances and other environmental matters have become more diversified and complicated. To cope with this development, Formosa Transnational (FT) has integrated a team of experienced attorneys and technical experts who specialize in various technology fields, including chemistry, chemical engineering, environmental engineering, environmental protection, materials science, energy and biotechnology. This team provides clients with comprehensive legal services and consultation with respect to environmental issues.

FT’s professional team has substantial experience in counseling clients in connection with both environmental laws and regulations and environmental litigation. For example, FT is currently providing legal services regarding Taiwan’s environmental laws to EIATRACK, a world-renowned online platform that integrates global environmental laws, information and intelligence. FT collects, integrates and updates for EIATRACK laws and regulations related to the environment, environmental protection, and green technology in Taiwan. FT also cooperates with relevant entities to host seminars from time to time for promoting awareness of new laws, regulations and systems.

Issues related to environmental laws and regulations in Taiwan that are listed on EIATRACK website include:
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Moreover, FT monitors Government announcements regarding the environmental laws and regulations; for example, we are now handling several cases involving the Existing Chemical Substance Nomination (ECN) scheme. ECN (2009-2011) is an interagency cooperation program launched by the Taiwan Executive Yuan with the main objective of establishing Taiwan’s inventory of chemical substances. The deadline for nominating existing chemical substances is 31 December 2010. In addition to participating in relevant seminars for the promotion of ECN regulations, FT has assisted several clients in completing the nomination procedure. In addition to counseling clients regarding environmental laws and regulations, FT has extensive experience with environmental litigation, such as cases regarding mercury waste pollution. As such, FT has extensive practical experience in counseling clients regarding the environmental laws and regulations and environmental litigation matters in Taiwan.

As with medical dispute cases, cases involving environmental and legal matters require both experts in the relevant fields and experienced attorneys. FT’s professional team has the advantage because our team consists of both experts in the various environmental fields and experienced attorneys and is thus able to provide clients comprehensive and effective legal services.