Formosa Transnational Cohosts a Seminar on Citizen Judge Trial Proceeding

Taiwan's Citizen Judge Act will take effective on 1 January 2023.  Courts of various levels have been holding mock trials to familiarize the public with this new type of proceedings.
The Soochow Law School (Taipei, Taiwan) will host a seminar titled "Seminar on Theories and Practices of Criminal Trial Proceedings with Participations of Citizen Judges" on 2 December, 2022.  Speakers will include judges, prosecutors, attorneys, and law professors, who have experienced the mock trial proceedings.  They will talk about issues surrounding the preparation and the trial proceedings.
Brian Hsiang-Yang Hsieh, Partner of Formosa Transnational, I-Ming Chen, Partner of Formosa Translational, Hsiao-fun Su, Associate Partner of Formosa Transnational, all of whom have participated in the mock trial proceedings held by the Taiwan Taipei District Court, will share their experiences and views on the proceedings with the participation of citizen judges.
The seminar will open to those who are interested in the new developments of the trial proceedings.

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