Vol. 127

IT Column

  • Brief Introduction of Amendments to Government Procurement Law and Affiliated Rules and Standards Thereof
  • Prelimany Review of the Nature of Performance Bond in Construction Project
  • Legal Issues Regarding Payment Supervision Provided in Public Construction Agreements
  • Brief Discussion of Patent Right Industrial Standard and Fair Trade Law
  • Restructure the Intellectual Property System-Another Approach for Releasing Source Codes
  • Discussion Regarding the Right of Public Broadcast under the Copyright Law-Taking the Ruling of WTO Dispute Resolution Organization on United States' Violating WTO/TRIPS for Example(II)

Biotechnology Section

  • Medical Treatment and Patent Strategy
  • The Niche and Future of Aquaculture Industry in Taiwan


  • Discussion of Imposing Additional Conditions to Already-Issued Administrative Order (I)
  • Rules of Welfare Fund for Employed Workers Should Be Abolished
  • Comment on Ship Seizure System in Taiwan
  • Legal Issues Regarding Stolen Artworks and Cultural Properties
  • Brief Introduction of Small and Mid-Size Businesses Promotion Law in the People's Republic of China

Introduction of Statutes in Japan

  • Brief Introduction of the Intellectual Property Basic Law in Japan
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