Vol. 229

Special Feature-Interdisciplinary Intellectual Property

  • Protecting Innovation for Active Aging: The Intersection of Intelligent Healthcare and Patent Law
  • Big Data Analytics and Copyright Law: A Perspective from the 2018 Amendments of Japan Copyright Act
  • An Introduction of the Exclusive Right to Use Traditional Intellectual Creations of Indigenous Peoples and Its Practice
  • Music Industry and Intellectual Property : Focusing on the Issue of the Application of Compulsory License in the Karaoke Machine

IT Column

  • Study on Language Issues of Means-Plus-Function in Recent Taiwan Court Decisions

Legal Issues

  • Review on the Legal Risk of the Contractor under the Occupational Safety and Health Act
  • The Development of Business Judgment Rule in Taiwan
  • Joint and Several Liability of Insurer and Insurance Broker- Discussion on 107 No. 2021 Civil Judgment, Taichung District Court of R.O.C.
  • The Study of EU-Vietnam Free Trade Agreement
  • Analysis of China's New Foreign Investment Law

Taiwan Law Column

  • Lecture on Contract Terms – Part V: “Time Period and Term” (Chinese)
  • Lecture on Contract Terms – Part V: “Time Period and Term” (Japanese)
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