Vol. 230

Special Feature-Commercial Trials Act

  • The Origin and Outlook of Legislation of Commercial Trials Act
  • A Brief Introduction to Civil Procedure Law for Commercial Matters: an Analysis of Expert Witness

Biotechnology Section

  • Dawn or Dusk? The Fate of Treating and Diagnosis Method Invention

Legal Issues

  • The Regulations Regarding Examination of the Accused at the Investigation Stage
  • The Introduction of Prescription in the Article 197 of Taiwan's Civil Code
  • Study on the Effects of the E-commerce Platforms’ Pre-agreed “Reserved Clauses” and “Acceptance Clauses” over the Later Revised Standard Contract Clauses— Referring to the Amendments of the Civil Code of Japan
  • Protecting the Crown Jewels - How Taiwan Can Learn from the US Foreign Investment Risk Review Modernization Act
  • The Dispute of Personal Information De-identification in Taiwan's Telecommunication Industry
  • A Study on the Representation Duty of Insurance Contract — Focusing on the U. K. Insurance Act 2015 as an Example
  • The New Age of Patient Autonomy Implications for the Patient-Physician Relationship in Taiwan

Taiwan Law Column

  • Price-Fixing Cartels in Affiliated Enterprises
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