Vol. 234

Special Feature-Reflections on Rectifying Wrongful Convictions

  • Study of Motions for Retrial for Interests of the Convicted
  • Overview of Problems with the Japanese Retrial System
  • Preliminary Discussion on Legal Culture, with Perjury as an Example: Preventing False Accusations 
  • Reform of Investigation Procedures for Campus Gender Equity Related Cases - Focus on Child Victims and Forensic Interviews

IT Column

  • The Nature of F/RAND Commitments

Legal Issues

  • Basic Study of the Difference among Memorandums, Preliminary Contracts, and Contracts
  • Study of Article 195, Paragraph 3 of the Taiwan Civil Code
  • Study of the EU's Anti-Money Laundering Law

Taiwan Law Column

  • Notes for Employers on Dealing with Workplace Bullying and Sexual Harassment
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