Vol. 235

Special Feature-Reexamination of Important Trademark Dispute Issues

  • Trademark Exhaustion Goes Too Far! -- Commentary on Supreme Court Civil Judgment
  • How to Calculate Trademark Infringement Damages: An Analysis of Legal Issues Pursuant to Article 71 Paragraph 1 Item 3 of the Trademark Act
  • Calculation of Trademark Damages: Rethinking the Ambiguous Retail Price Approach of Article 71.1(3) of Taiwan's Trademark Act

Legal Issues

  • Joint Development Practices in Taiwan―A Focus on Land Development Along MRT Lines
  • Introduction to Merger Controls in Taiwan
  • Introduction to Positive Patent Examination Pilot Program for Startup Companies
  • The Determining Standard for and Application of Jurisdiction in Retrial Proceedings for Administrative Litigation (I)
  • Possibility of Demanding Future Performance in Demand Proceedings
  • New Developments in Patentability under U.S. Patent Law - Illumina v. Aroisa
  • Reconsidering Liability Insurance Under R.O.C. Law

IT Column

  • Amendments to Japan's Design Act in 2020 and Comparison with Taiwan's Design Act
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