Vol. 238

Special Feature-Latest Developments in Design Patent Practice

  • Legal Review of Industrial Design Protection in Taiwan
  • Introduction to Spatial Design Patent Practice in the United States - Discussion of the Apple Store Design Patent Portfolio

Legal Issues

  • Quantity Determination Guidelines for Administrative Penalty Act Vilolations - No Double Jeopardy
  • Discussion of Patient Advance Care Consultation – Commentary on Reality versus Idealization of Patient Right to Autonomy Act in Practice (1)
  • Start-ups Must Learn to Understand Intellectual Property Disputes from a Commercial Perspective
  • Determining the Standard for and the Exercise of Jurisdiction in Administrative Litigation Retrial Proceedings (IV)
  • Using Another's Name to Register Agricultural Land - Focus on the Application of Repealed Article 30 of the Land Act and the Validity of Contracts
  • Tendencies of Mandatory Disclosure Requirements for ESG-Related Investment Funds
  • Reconsidering the B.O.T. (Build-Operate-Transfer) Model in the R.O.C.
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