Vol. 240

Special Feature(1)-Research on the Theory and Practice of High Technology Investigations

  • Study of the Application of Trojan Horse Programs in Crime Investigations
  • Judgments in Criminal Matters of the German Federal Supreme Court BGHSt 46, 266:  GPS Investigation
  • Restriction and   Sharing of Wiretapped Information
  • Case Analysis of New Technologies Used in Criminal Investigations

Special Feature(2)-Taipei Awakening Forum

  • Caring for Women's Rights and Business Cooperation During the Covid-19 Pandemic (I)

Legal Issues

  • Discussion Participants in Advance Care Consultation - Healthcare Service Providers, Medical Institutions, Consultation Instutitions, and Consultation Teams (Ⅱ)
  • Butterfly Effect Resultant from the Judgment of the District Court of the Hague, Netherlands in ESG Carbon Emissions Reduction Litigation
  • Impact of Social Innovation Policy on Social Enterprise Legislation in Taiwan

Taiwan Law Column

  • Trends in Judicial Precedents Regarding the Taiwan Civil Code's Article 511 "Proprietors' Discretionary Terminations of Contracts  -- Proprietors Must Compensate or Pay Remuneration" (2)
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