Vol. 241

Special Feature(1)-Artificial Intelligence and Intellectual Property

  • Reflections on AI Patent Issues from the Perspective of the Industrial Revolution
  • Inventorship Issues for AI-based Inventions from an Historical Perspective and Economic Theories of the Patent System
  • Copyright Eligibility and Ownership of AI -Generated Works: Legal and Technical Perspectives

Special Feature(2)-Taipei Awakening Forum

  • Caring for Women's Rights and Business Cooperation During the Covid-19 Pandemic (II)

Legal Issues

  • Allocation of Accountabilities in Traffic Accidents Resultant from Self-Driving Technology: Introductory Notes on Judicial Interpretations in Taiwan and Newly Enacted Self-Driving Car Regulations in France (I)
  • Review of Recent Judgements on Transfers of only the Ownership of Land, on which a Building, which is Owned by Another, Exists
  • Study of Elements of Other Wrongful Acts under Financial Criminal Laws -Focus on the Tax Collection Act (Article 41) and the Business Entity Accounting Act (Article 71)
  • Insights from Behavioral Economics towards Anti-trust Law

Taiwan Law Column

  • Notes on Dismissals of Workers in Taiwan
  • Trends in Taiwan Law regarding Remittance Services
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