Vol. 242

Special Feature-Act for Criminal Trials with Citizen Judge Participation

  • Standards of Review in Taiwan's Lay Participation System
  • Examination of First Instance Procedures in Second-Instance Courts and Criteria for Evidence Investigation at Second Trials in Japan
  • How to Practice to Ensure a Fair Trial in the Tribunal with Citizen Judges
  • Promoting the Citizen Judges Act from the Demand of Lay People for Popularization of the Law

Biotechnology Section

  • Observations on Patent Linkage Litigation in Taiwan

Legal Issues

  • Discussion Participants in Advance Care Consultation-Relatives and Other Related Parties
  • Allocation of Accountabilities in Traffic Accidents Resultant from Self-Driving Technology: Introductory Notes on Judicial Interpretations in Taiwan and Newly Enacted Self-Driving Car Regulations in France (II)
  • Study of Labor and Social Protection of Self-Employed Platform Workers - Comparative Analysis of Spain's Self-Employed Workers' Statute (I)
  • Poseidon Principles: How Green Financing is Helping  to   Decarbonize   the Shipping Industry
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