Vol. 243

Special Feature-Development of the Right to be Forgotten

  • Implementation and Development of the Right to be Forgotten in the European Union and in Taiwan
  • Brief Introduction of Conflict of Rights under the Right to be Forgotten

Trademark Column

  • A Practical Observation on Security for Trademarks Provisional Proceedings

Legal Issues

  • Medical Care Agents (I)
  • The Damages of Liability Insurer's Breach of Contractual Duty of Defense
  • The Disposal of Hazardous Waste on Public Lands—Focusing on the United States
  • Study of Labor and Social Protection of Self-Employed Platform Workers - Comparative Analysis of Spain's Self-Employed Workers' Statute (II)

Taiwan Law Column

  • Introduction to the amendment of the Act Governing Electronic Payment Institutions
  • A Summary of Taiwan Labor Laws: Focusing on the Difference Compared to Japanese Law Part I(Chapter 1 to 8)
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