Vol. 246

Special Feature-Practice and Development to Prevent Sexual Harassment in Workplace

  • Challenges in Improving Workplace Sexual Harassment laws: Focusing on Cases Where Employers are Harassment Perpetrators
  • Immediate and Effective Correctional and Remedial Measures for the Prevention and Correction of Sexual Harassment

Legal Issues

  • The Role of Lawyers in the "Health Care Consultation"
  • A Brief Comment on Supreme Court Ruling No. 257 (2020) and its Procedural History: Procedural Participation by Successors in Litigation over Appointment of Ancestor Worship Guild Managers
  • The Practical Issues of the Power of the Court to Reduce the Penalty
  • Foresight on Metaverse Industry and Intellectual Property Regulations
  • The Regulatory Compromise between Blockchain Technology Operation and Personal Data Protection in European Union
  • The Profit-Sharing of Bioprospecting on Public Lands—Focusing on U.S. as an Example

Taiwan Law Column

  • A Summary of Taiwan Labor Laws: Focusing on the Difference Compared to Japanese Law Part IV(Chapter 16 to 23)
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