Vol. 183

Special Feature-A Study on the Insurance Law

  • Comment on the Appropriateness of the Amendments to Article 107(1) of the Insurance Act
  • Discussion on the Waiting Period of Health Insurance
  • Strategies for Anti-Insurance Fraud: From Insurers' Prospectives

Biological Technology Section

  • The New Amendment to the Patent Act Related to the Pharmaceuticals
  • A Study on the Application of the Human Biobank Management Act in Human Researches

Legal Issues

  • The Supreme Administrative Court's Recent Views on the "Reverse Confusion" of Trademark Act and the Potential Effect thereof
  • Taiwan M&A Practical Guide
  • Employment in Taiwan
  • Refusal to License & Abuse of Monopoly Power - from Verizon v. Trinko
  • Introduction for US Patent Reform Act
  • Effect of Amendments to US and Taiwan Patent Acts on Patnet Number Marking

Taiwan Law Column

  • The Sytem and Application of ADR in Taiwan
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