Vol. 184

  • New Thinking for Filing Partial Design Patent Applications
  • Planning Patent Applications under the New Patent Act
  • Amendments Regarding Invalidation under the New Patent Act and Relevant Impacts on the Practices

Biological Technology Section

  • Discussion on Taiwan’s Regulations and Policies Governing Medical Advertisements Published on the Websites of Cosmetic Medical Clinics

Legal Issues

  • Issues on Apartment Building Renewals from a “Sea-Sand House” Case — Some Comparisons Concerning Article 36 of the Urban Renewal Act Related to the Wenlin Yuan Case
  • Application of Principles of Anglo-American Common Law of Contracts to Electronic Transactions
  • Specifics of Employer’s Duty of Care to Employees — Relations with the Labor Safety and Health Act from a Comparative Law Approach
  • A Probe into the Illegality of Margin Squeeze under Competition Law

Taiwan Law Column

  • A Shareholder’s Right to Acquire Accounting Information and How to Strengthen the Right
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