Vol. 186

Special Feature-Medical Malpractice

  • Myths in the Medical Field Regarding Medical Litigations
  • Doctors’ Duty to Inform and Exemptions from the Duty to Inform
  • Application of Spoliation of Evidence in Medical Malpractice Cases in Taiwan: from Prospective of Medical Records

Legal Issues

  • Brief Introduction on Limitation for Obtaining Real Property in Taiwan with Mainland Chinese Funding
  • Amending the Purpose under the Donation Charter of a Foundation
  • Discussion on the Practice and Controversies Regarding Court Selected Examiners – Using Example of Minority Shareholders Applying to be Selected
  • Comparing the Excuses for Non-Performance of a Contract under American Law and Change of Circumstances under Taiwan Law
  • Comment on “Arrangement on Protection and Promotion of Cross Strait Investment”
  • The New Trend of Financial Consumer Protection after the Financial Crisis
  • Legal Issue regarding Upstream Loan between Affiliates – Compare the Relationships of Article 15 of the company act Capital Maintenance Principle and Article 369-4 of the Company Act from the Perspective of German Law with that of Taiwan Law
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