Vol. 190

Special Feature-Insights into Patent Practice

  • Discussion on the “Implement” of Method Inventions
  • Discussion on Damage Compensation for Patent Infringement in Taiwan
  • Comments on U.S. Supreme Court’s Decision in Illinois Tool Works Inc. v. Independent Ink Inc. and a Study on Royalty base

Biological Technology Section

  • Early Academic Disclosure Adversely Affects Patent Prosecution

Legal Issues

  • Types of Civil Tort Liability Faced by Online Auction Service Providers
  • Overview of Merger Filing Practices
  • Discussion on the Difference between Data Protection Insurance and General Liability Insurance
  • Analysis of Criminal Protection Orders under Taiwan’s Domestic Violence Prevention Act
  • Difficulties Associated with Verpflichtungsklage in Administrative Litigation
  • Types of Trafficking-Related Crimes: A Preliminary Analysis of the 2012 Tenth Criminal Divisions Conference of the Supreme Court

Taiwan Law Column

  • Legal Issues Surrounding the Transfer of Personal Information Accompanying the Transfer of Business
  • Criminal Penalties Provided under the Newly Amended Trade Secrets Act
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