Vol. 191

Special Feature-The Status and Prospect of Third Party Payment

  • Empirical Observation of the Third-Party Payment System in China
  • Discussion on the Issues regarding the based Legal of Third-Party Payment System – Discussions using the Banking Act and Act Governing Issuance of Electronic Stored Value Cards as Examples

Legal Issues

  • Can Unregistered Trademarks be the Subject of Trademark License
  • The Review for the Recent Judgements Concerning the Obvious Unfairness in Enforcement Law for Succession Law of the Civil Code
  • From the Incident of Mr. Lin Sheng-Xiang's Refusal to the Golden Melody Awards - An Analysis on the Relation between Affirmative Action and Racial Discrimination (I)
  • The Main Debate on Mutual Covenants from its Appearance to Essence

Taiwan Law Column

  • Considerations on Confidentiality Obligations Related to Corporations
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