Vol. 192

Special Feature-Enforcement and Protection of Human Rights – recommended amendments to Communication Security and Surveillance Act and Detention Laws

  • Comprehensive Surveillance – from the Institutional Perspective to seek a Balance among Criminal Investigation Protection of Confidential Communications and Privacy.
  • Initial discussion on the Amendment of Communication Security and Surveillance Act – Amendment on some of the Provisions of Communication Security and Surveillance Act
  • Surveillance Scandal
  • Suggestions to the Amendment of Detention Laws in Taiwan

Legal Issues

  • From the Incident of Mr. Lin Sheng-Xiang's Refusal to the Golden Melody Awards - An Analysis on the Relation between Affirmative Action and Racial Discrimination (II)
  • Formation of the Jurisprudence on the Limitation of Rights that Voluntary Promises imposes on the Owners of Standard Patents – Legal Effect of Promises under FRAND
  • Advancement of Data Protection Rights in the Era of the Internet of Things- Observations on the European Union

Taiwan Law Column

  • Implementing Complete Audio and Video Recording During Interrogation in Taiwan
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