Vol. 193

Special Feature-Parenting, Caring the Elderly and Family Law

  • Establishment and Development of the Service Delivery System for High-risk Family
  • Adoption in Taiwan: Laws and Practice
  • The Collaboration of Guardianship and Trusts in Taiwan

IT Section

  • Design Patent Application In New Taiwan Patent Act based on Submission of Foreign-Language Document Description Of "title of Design Patent" and Determination Of Filing Date

Biological Technology Section

  • Review of the Inventive Step Requirements in Taiwan
  • On Food Safety Topics - What Is the Problem and What Shall the Government Do

Legal Issues

  • Update of Trademark Practice in Taiwan - Calculation of Damage
  • Limitation on Gift Amount
  • Freedom of Contract and “Mistake” under the Civil Code
  • Decisions on Lack of Standing of Parties in Administrative Litigation
  • Execute the Right of First Refusal in Compulsory Auction of Real Estates
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