Vol. 195

Special Feature-Thematic Study on Insurance Law

  • A Brief Analysis on the Issues Resulted from the Expiration of the Recession Period under Article 64 Paragraph 3 of Insurance Act
  • Supervision Issues Related to Managing Cross Boarder Insurance Businesses through Branch Office
  • Initial Investigation on the affects of the Draft of EU General Data Protection Regulation on the Insurance Operation
  • Reviewing the Definition of Hospitalization under Hospitalization Health Insurances – Evaluating the Chiayi District Court Year 2013 Chia Jian Zi No. 34 Judgment

Trademark Column

  • News on Patent Practices in Taiwan --- Descriptive Trademark related Disputes

Legal Issues

  • Requirements to Stay the Execution of an Administrative Sanction – Discussing the Supreme Administrative Court Year 2010 Cai Zi No 2041 Ruling
  • Risks of Overlaps between the WTO Dispute Settlement Mechanism andDispute Settlement Procedures Instituted by Regional Trade Agreements: with NAFTA as example
  • Discussing the Treatment of the Offenders of Domestic Violence
  • Studying the Requirements for Insider Trading: based on Article 5 of “Regulations Governing the Scope of Material Information and the Means of its Public Disclosure Under Article 157-1 Paragraphs 5 and 6 of the Securities and Exchange Act”
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