Vol. 133

Special Feature-Medical Malpractice Lawsuit in Practice

  • The New Edition of Informed Consent Agreement and the Principle of Knowing and Consenting
  • Principle of Remedy for Medical Injury Arising from Compulsory Treatment
  • Civil Liability for Doctors Who Fail to Fulfill the Legal Obligation to Inform Patients in Accordance with Related Laws in Taiwan
  • Does Consumer Protection Act Applies in Medical Malpractice Lawsuits? Brief Introduction to Related Holdings by the Courts in Taiwan

IT Column

  • The Originality Criterion in Copyri
  • Initial Probe into the Control Structure for Digital Convergence---Taking Interactive TV as an Example
  • From Electronization to Mobilization: Emerging Legal Issues Derived from Value-Added Services Provided by Mobile Tele Communication (II)

Introduction of Statutes in Japan

  • Introduction to Consolidated Financial Report System for Large-Scale Corporations in Japan
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