Vol. 126

Special Feature-Family Law

  • Discussion Regarding the Right to Claim for Residual Property Distribution after the Statutory Revision in 2002 on Legal Property Rules in Family Law
  • The Civil Claim Regarding Child-Rearing Expenses for Children of Minor
  • Whether Properties Acquired before June 4 1985 by Married Couples Should Be Included within the Scope of Residual Property Distribution in Family Law?

IT Column

  • Revelation from the Australian Experience of Coping with Industry Convergence on Reform of Telecommunication Control Structure and Related Statutes in Taiwan (I)
  • Discussion Regarding the Right of Public Broadcast under the Copyright Law-Taking the Ruling of WTO Dispute Resolution Organization on United States' Violating WTO/TRIPS for Example(I)

Biotechnology Section

  • Brief Discussion Regarding Patent Examination on Biology-Related Inventions


  • Legal Issues Related to Occupational Peril Compensation
  • A Breakthrough on Rules of Agency without Authority under Insurance Law-Focusing on Insurance Agreements Entered into by Agents Acting as Applicants without Being Authorized
  • Discussion Regarding Statutory Concurrency in Administrative Law and the Application there of
  • Analysis Regarding Civil Compensation Responsibility for both Offenders and Employers thereof in Sexual Harassment Cases (II)
  • Introduction to Law of Credit Claim Enforcement and Management Industry in Japan
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