Vol. 198

Special Feature(1)-The Current Status and Future of Taiwan's Pension System

  • The myths of the argumentation of policies regarding the reformation of pension - on the connection of the economic and safety system of the elders and the condition of the labor and economic of the population
  • Study on the investment and management of retirement pension in Taiwan

Special Feature(2)-The 40th Anniversary Series of Formosa Transnational

  • The 40th Anniversary Seminar of Formosa Transnational(III)

Legal Issues

  • Introduction to the Domestic Violence Prevention Act (II)
  • Introduction for Cases of Amendment-Based Estoppel Barring Doctrine of Equivalents under Festo Presumption
  • The Issue of Internet Neutrality - Taking the Latest Development in the United State as Possible References to Our Country
  • Comments on the Laws concerning Prisoner Repatriation in Taiwan and China
  • The Doctrine of Change of Circumstances - Comments on the Supreme Court Year 2013 Tai Shan Zi No. 929 Judgment(I)
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