Vol. 134

Special Feature-Different Facets of the Fair Trade Law

  • The Meaning of "Symbol" in Article 20.1 and 20.2 of the Fair Trade Law and Relationship between Such and Protectio of New Design Patent---Court Decision of 2003 Pan-Zi No. 1649 by the Supreme Administ
  • Department stores demand the trading counterpart(s) not to have other new transactions in a specific business area
  • Relationship between Enforcing Rules of Competition and Appropriateness of Exercising Patent Rights---Taking the current development of Draft for Technological Standards in Both the U.S. and Europe fo
  • Digital Technology and Fair Trade Law in Practice: Issues of Correlation and Proper Equilibrium
  • Administrative Coordination between Fair Trade Committee and other Administrative Agencies

IT Column

  • Resolution Mechanism for Domain Name Dispute in Practice in Taiwan
  • Strategy for Patent Application in view of Patent Practice in the U.S.
  • Legal Issues of Telemedicine

Introduction of Statutes in Japan

  • Brief Introduction of the Massive Revision on "Company Reconstruction Law" in Japan
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