Vol. 207

Special Feature-The New Amendments to the Criminal Law Related to Confiscation

  • Issues concerning the new amendments to the Criminal Law related to confiscation
  • The concurrence between seizure for evidence preservation and seizure for confiscation

Legal Issues

  • Checklist for Trade Secret Protection: A Must-Know for Enterprises
  • The Driving Forces of Judicial Decision-making in Democratic Consolidation: The Third Stage Central Taiwan Science Park Case
  • Determination and procedure concerning Medical negligence in the practice- comments on the Supreme Court Year 2013 Tai Shan Zi No. 1414 Judgment
  • Comparison between Review on Claims to Product-By-Process and determination on torts- Taiwan, Japan and US as examples
  • Comparison and review on the dispute resolution regulated in Multi-Level Marketing Supervision Act
  • On Relationship of Borrowing Someone’s Name as Insurance Proposer-Comment Taichung District Court Civil Judgement Zon-Su-Zi No.549(2014)

Taiwan Law Column

  • Third lessen on contract terms – “obligation”
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