Vol. 212

Special Feature-The Patient Self Determination Act

  • A Glance at the Meaning and Issues of the Patient Self Determination Act
  • The Right to Die : the Stand of the Patient Self Determination Act in Legal Perspective

Regenerative Medicine

  • The Issues regarding the Personal Information Protection Act Arising from the Use of Big Data in Precision Medicine

IT Section

  • An Introduction to the Patent of Internet of Things (IoT) and Relevant Practice
  • A Glance at the Means Plus Function of the Corresponding Japan Patent Application Filed in Taiwan --- also on the Design of Translation, Explanation and Language

Legal Issues

  • Merger Remedies of Taiwan
  • Issues on Initial Interest Confusion Doctrine --- Focusing on Multi Time Machine, Inc. v. Amazon.com. Case
  • Principle of Proximate Cause in Marine Insurance: Relevant Taiwan Taipei District Court Civil Judgment Bao-Sheng Tsu No. 65(2011)

Taiwan Law Column

  • The Resolution of Construction Disputes in Taiwan
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