Vol. 213

Special Feature-Same Sex Marriage

  • Voice at the Crossroad - Comments on Interpretation No. 748 from Historical, Political, and Social Perspectives
  • Same Sex Marriage Registration - Why shouldn't the Court Wait Any Longer

Legal Issues

  • Standard Essential Patent and Anti-monopoly Legal Regime in China
  • Sugar-coated Discrimination - Discussion on Standards of Judicial Review Adopted in Indirect Discrimination Cases -
  • Revisit the System of Indirect Mandatory Payment for Execution (Part 1)
  • Issues related to National Treatment Given to Taiwanese by China
  • Penalty on Tax Obligation Violation due to "Misconception on Facts" and "Misconception on Laws"
  • Analysis on English Policy and Legal Development on Universal Service for Rural Areas
  • The Distinction between Insurance and Warranty-Taking Apple Care as an Example

Taiwan Law Column

  • The Dispute Resolution Mechanism for Construction Disputes in Taiwan (II)
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