Vol. 214

Special Feature-Recent Developments in IP Practice

  • Do Patent Licensing Agreements Have Force and Effect on Invalid Patents Contained Therein? – European and U.S. Practice as a Reference for Taiwan
  • Effects and Outcomes of Adding Criminal Penalties to the Trade Secrets Act - With Comments on the Draft Amendments to the Act of 2017
  • New Perspectives on Assessment of the Inventive Step - Comments on the Newly Amended Guidelines for Examining the Inventive Step

Biological Technology Section

  • A Discussion on "Offences Arising out of Non-Genuine Omission in Medical Cases" Under the Criminal Code - With Comments on the Taiwan High Court Criminal Judgment 97-Yi-Shang-Geng-1 No. 3 (2008)

Legal Issues

  • Professionals of Technology Law in the Age of Legaltech and Artificial Intelligence
  • Revisiting the System of Indirect Mandatory Payment for Execution (Part 2)
  • Influence of the On-Sale Bar on the Novelty Requirement: A Review from the Medicines Company v. Hospira, Inc. case
  • A Review of the Judicial Yuan Interpretation No. 753 from the Perspective of Taiwan's National Health Insurance System
  • A Discussion on Article 10-1, Paragraph 1, Item 2 of the Securities Investor and Futures Trader Protection Act - With Comments on Taiwan Supreme Court Decision 106-Tai-Shang-Zi No. 177 (2017)

Taiwan Law Column

  • Dispute Resolution Mechanisms for Construction Disputes in Taiwan (III)
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