Vol. 216

Special Feature-Introduction to the admissibility of expert testimony in the US

  • On the admissibility of expert testimony in the US: the historical evolution from Frye to Daubert
  • Recent Developments of Daubert Standard as Lessons for Taiwanese Evidence Law

Legal Issues

  • Potential Issues Regarding the Draft Bill of the Refugee Law
  • A Summary of Taiwan's Copyright Law Developments in 2017
  • Summary Introduction to Direct Cross-Strait Maritime Navigation Between the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area
  • An Observation of Judicial Precedents Regarding the Claims for Attorney Fees in the First and Second Instances of Trials.
  • Where Should the System of Mandatory Hospitalization under the Taiwan Mental Health Act Go? --- Review of the Taiwan Taoyuan District Court Civil Ruling Year Case Number 2017 Wei-Tze No. 4
  • Analysis of the Legal Issue Regarding the Subrogated Right in Public Dangerous Accidents under the National Health Insurance System of Taiwan

Taiwan Law Column

  • The Dispute Resolution System Regarding Construction and Building in Taiwan
  • The Compulsory Execution of Payment Order and/or Ruling on Promissory Notes
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