Employers who Violate Labor Laws Published Online

A website entitled "Employers in Violation of the Labor Law" set up by Taiwan's Ministry of Labor is now online and identifies companies and employers in Taiwan who have in the past year violated the Labor Standards Act, the Gender Equality in Employment Act, and or the Occupational Safety and Health Act, and the related laws. As of 30 December 2017, there were already more that 27,000 companies and employers listed on the site, and such information will be renewed by local governments periodically in the future.

The information published online includes the names of employers who (i) did not pay overtime pursuant to law, (ii) forced or allowed their employees work over the maximum working hours allowed by law, (iii) did not take precautions as required by law and which failure caused employees' injuries, (iv) refused to allow female employees take menstrual leave, or (v) committed pregnancy discrimination. Such information will remain on the site for at least one (1) year, and will be maintained by the relevant local governments.

Some critics have suggested that the information published on the site should be more thorough and should include the amounts of any fines imposed on such employers and indications as to whether the employers have take any actions to correct or remedy their unlawful practice or activities. Critics also have suggested that only employers who have corrected or remedied their wrongdoings should be removed from the site, while others suggested that such information remain available on job-hunting websites to allow job-seekers to be aware of employers' histories.
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