New Act for Foreign Talents Took Effect

Premier Lai Ching-Te announced that the “Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Talents, which was passed into legislation on 31 October 2017, would take effect on 8 February 2018. The new Act relaxes requirements for work and resident permits for foreign talents, and resident permits for spouses and children. It also provides tax incentives and health insurance for foreign talents. A further eleven regulations related to the new Act will be revised and promulgated before 15 March 2018.

National Development Council deputy head Kao Shien-quey explained that the current law only allows foreign talents to teach foreign languages in cram schools. The new Act will now allow video game contenders or VR software engineers to teach lessons in cram schools. It is believed that the new Act and associated regulations will attract more foreign talents to Taiwan and improve Taiwan's national competitiveness.

In addition, the Government is currently working on the reconstruction of the website “Contact Taiwan” (https://www.contacttaiwan.tw/main/index.aspx?lang=2). The website will be improved to serve as a unified platform that integrates relevant resources and provides information regarding employment opportunities for foreign talents.
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