Dean Anticipates Lay Judges of the Judiciary Court Will Meet Expectations

Taiwan's Judiciary Court (職務法庭) of the Disciplinary Court (懲戒法院) has been officially established and operational in August.  The adjudication and ruling on disciplinary actions against judges or prosecutors of the Judiciary Court will be conducted by a panel composed of three (3) professional judges and two (2) lay judges (參審員).  On August 4, 2020, gathering in the Judicial Yuan, eleven (11) lay persons who were selected by the Judges Selection Committee of the Disciplinary Court were sworn in as lay judges and witnessed by the Dean of the Disciplinary Court, Ren-hsiu Chiang (姜仁脩).
After the amendment of the “Judges Act”, the system of adjudication and ruling on disciplinary actions against judges and prosecutors was adjusted to consist of two trials at one level court (一級二審制).  As such, disciplinary actions will be heard and judged by two (2) trials, but, at the same court (Disciplinary Court).
After taking their oaths, the Dean held a conference regarding adjudication affairs of the Court of the Judiciary.  During the conference, to help lay judges be accustomed to trail matters, officials introduced and illustrated trial procedures, explained judges’ powers and rights, described the methods for determining the composition of a panel, and discussed other administrative matters.  The professional judges participated in the conference as well and shared their trial experience and interacted with the new lay judges.
Dean Chiang stated that the lay judges who will participate possess experience from various professions and careers, including law, sociology, literature, bio-technology, and medicine.  Due to the different experiences and backgrounds of the lay judges, Dean Chiang expects and encourages the Judiciary Court to undergo enhanced impartiality, integrity, and transparency when adjudicating disciplinary actions for judges or prosecutors, and predicts that the new judges will meet the expectations and hopes of society.
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