Age of Majority Lowered to 18 as Legislative Yuan Passes Draft Amendment of the Civil Code

As the age of majority is 18 years in most countries, and as the Criminal Code in Taiwan also uses 18 years as the age of majority, Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan recently passed a draft amendment to certain provisions of the Civil Code, which revise the age of majority from 20 to 18 years.  Additionally, in line with current notions of gender equality, the age at which females may be married is increased from 16 to 18, such that both sexes share the same age threshold in the future.
As the major and minor parties in the Legislative Yuan reached the consensus on this amendment, these provisions will be implemented starting in 2023.
The age of majority in Taiwan’s Civil Code is 18 years now.  This age was set when the "Civil Code" was enacted in 1929, without any amendment until now.  This amendment makes the age of majority according to the Civil Code the same as is the norm, generally, around the world.
As to whether the amendment will deprive 18 to 20 year olds certain existing rights, Deputy Minister of Administration of the Ministry of Justice, Chen Mingtang, stated that the principle of non-retroactivity will be applied in such cases.  This means that the rights (such as death benefit payments) will not be affected by the amendment.
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