FSC to Investigate Property Insurance Companies’ Misuse of Personal Info

On 20 January 2021, a legislator held a press meeting, during which he stated that after examination of the "notification regarding the collection of consumers’ personal information" presented in online insurance applications for auto motorcycle compulsory insurance offered by the top 10 insurance companies in Taiwan, he discovered that the purpose of the collection as declared in such notifications primarily includes "marketing" and "other businesses as defined in the business registration items or articles of association", sometimes even covering "online shopping" and "e-commerce services".
Based on this fact, the legislator argued that the insurance companies have taken advantage of their strong trading position to require "bundled consent" when consumers seek to purchase auto motorcycle compulsory insurance policies.  In most situations, consumers do not have the option to "disagree," and only after checking the “consent” option can they proceed with the subsequent procedures for completing their applications.  This “bundled consent” totally violates the spirit of the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act and seriously affects the autonomy of the data subjects with respect to their personal data.
In responding to the claims presented at the above-indicated press conference, the Bureau of Insurance under the Financial Supervisory Commission announced that it will conduct investigations and will impose fines of not less than NT$ 50,000 and not more than NT$ 500,000 on companies involved in activities that violate the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Act.
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