NPP Urges 17 Law Amendments and Enactments in Upcoming Legislative Session

As the New Legislative Session will commence soon, the New Power Party (NPP) Legislative Caucus held a news conference and announced that it will be pushing for 17 law amendments and enactments in the coming Legislative Session.  The amendments and enactments include amendments to the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs, which were intended to assist Hong Kong citizens whose safety and liberty are threatened due to political reasons, and amendments to the House Tax Act, which will address high real-estate prices and housing problems in Taiwan.
NPP Legislator Hsien-Chih Chiu (邱顯智) stated that the Hong Kong political situation had become increasingly more severe, and that the amendments to the Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs are necessary, particularly Article 18 of the Act.  With respect to the high prices of real-estate in Taiwan, Chiu indicated that according to the Ministry of Finance (MOF) statistics, there are 20,000 people owning at least 10 houses per person, which means that many houses have apparently been purchased for investment purposes.  Therefore, amendments to the House Tax Act are also critical and urgently needed.  Additionally, Chiu mentioned that the enactment of a whistleblower protection law and the amendment of the Anti-Corruption Act are also important in the upcoming Session in light of recent judicial scandals.
NPP Legislator Jiau-Hua Chen (陳椒華) stated that as housing justice and environmental justice had long been issues on which NPP has focused; therefore, in the New legislative Session, the NPP will push for the amendments to the Mining Act, the Waste Disposal Act, the Soil and Water Conservation Act, the Energy Administration Act, the Greenhouse Gas Reduction and Management Act, and the Land Expropriation Act.
NPP Legislator Wan-Yu Wang (王婉諭) noted that in her opinion, the urgently needed amendments and enactments of the bills are the Anti-Stalking Law, the Crime Victim Protection Act, and the Mental Health Act. Meanwhile, Wang stated that, in consideration of the problem of the declining birth rate, the NPP Legislative Caucus would submit a bill for the Labor Standards Act to permit more maternity and paternity Leave and to increase obstetrics leave for the spouse of a mother.
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