Ministry of Labor Announces Drafts to Improve Efficiency of Occupational Disease Appraisal and Integrating Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Services

In order to protect the rights of workers who suffer occupational accidents, and to strengthen occupational disaster prevention and occupational disaster labor reconstruction, the “Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act” was promulgated on 30 April 2021, and the same will come into effect on 21 May 2022.
In addition, to optimize the appraisal procedure, enhance administrative efficiency, and establish a legal basis for the appraisal work, the Ministry Labor has proposed the draft “Ministry of Labor Regulations for the Appraisal of Occupational Diseases.”
Coinciding with the “Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act”, which will become effective on 21 May 2022, the Bureau of Labor Insurance recently announced draft amendments to the “Measures for the Safekeeping and Utilization of Income and Expenses of the Work Fund of the Bureau of Labor Insurance.”  The draft amendments integrate the “occupational accident insurance business” and the “occupational accident labor protection business” into the “labor occupational accident insurance and protection business.”
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