Legislative Yuan Passes Amendments to Customs Law

In order to deter illegal good repackaging and controlled substance smuggling in container terminals, Taiwan's Legislative Yuan recently passed amendments to certain provisions of the Customs Law together with a resolution requiring the authority to clearly define what circumstances shall give rise to the suspension or revocation of a container terminal operator's registration. The Legislature has given the authority one year to issue or amend the relevant regulations.
Before the amendment, the authority could impose a maximum penalty of just NT. 30,000. The amount of the penalty was so low that it failed to deter container terminal operators from allowing poor management practices.  Under the newly amended Customs Law, the authority is now authorized to impose a maximum penalty of NT. 3 million on container terminal operators that are not well managed..
In addition, the amendments further empower the authority to also order container terminal operators that have committed errors to make corrections by a deadline. .  If the operator fails to correct by the deadline, the authority may impose fines on a per-time basis or revoke their registration if said error has not been corrected after three fines.
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