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  • - Criminal Litigation
  • - Public Procurement
  • - Construction Disputes
  • - Real Estate Disputes
  • - Contract Disputes
  • - Government Compensation
S.J.D. & LL. M., Indiana University School of Law, Bloomington
LL. B., National Taiwan University

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taichung Bar Association
- Yunlin Bar Association
- Tainan Bar Association
- Kaohsiung Bar Association
- Pingtung Bar Association
- Taoyuan Bar Association
- Hsinchu Bar Association
- Hwalien Bar Association

Feng-Jou Liou graduated from the Department of Law at National Taiwan University in 1991 and began practicing as an attorney in 1994. During his early practice, due to his interest in criminal law, Feng-Jou Liou applied for and was accepted into the Graduate School of Legal Studies, National Taiwan University, where he focused on criminal law. After one year of study there, he continued his legal education at Indiana University School of Law—Bloomington, where he studied criminal procedure law, and obtained his S.J.D. degree in 2003.

Feng-Jou Liou draws on his many years of academic experience with and study of criminal law when managing cases in his current legal practice. He represents clients, including defendants and victims, in many types of criminal cases. The criminal cases that he handles most often, however, are primarily major cases involving public officials and white-collar crimes.

Feng-Jou Liou also has extensive experience in civil cases, and specifically with public procurement, construction, government compensation, real estate matters, and business contract disputes. In addition, he possesses substantial experience in both civil litigation and arbitration.