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  • - BOT Law
  • - Arbitration
  • - Mediation
  • - Reconciliation
  • - Government Procurement
  • - Disputes arising from Construction Joint Ventures
  • - Corporate Law
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University of Washington School of Law, Global Law Program, USA (LL. M., 2014)
National Taiwan University, Department of Law (LL. M., 2002)
National Taiwan University, Department of Law (LL.B., 1997)

- Taipei Bar Association
- Keelung Bar Association
- Taoyuan Bar Association
- Hsinchu Bar Association
- Miaoli Bar Association
- Taichung Bar Association
- Changhua Bar Association
- Yunlin Bar Association
- Tainan Bar Association
- Kaohsiung Bar Association

  • - Taiwan Bar Examination (2nd highest score on the exam, 1997)
  • - Director, Civil Procedure Law Research Fund
  • - Member, Judicial Practice Research Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Member, Civil Laws Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Chairman, Civil Proceedings Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Member, Committee for the Study on Enactment of a Business Case Adjudication Act, Judicial Yuan
  • - Part-time lecturer on civil procedure law at Tunghai University
  • - Part-time lecturer on civil procedure law at Shih Hsin University
  • - Attended Workshops: “2007 Cross-Strait Arbitration Workshop: Arbitration Law and Practice in China”, “Dispute Resolution Centre of the Chinese Arbitration Association: Arbitrator Training Courses”, “Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd.: Legal Workshop”
  • - Dealing (or dealt) with construction matters and disputes for numerous bureaus and companies, including Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau, MOTC, Taiwan Area National Freeway Bureau, MOTC, Railway Reconstruction Bureau, MOTC, Intellectual Property Office, MOEA, Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, Air Navigation and Weather Services, MOTC, Airport Development Engineering Office, Civil Aeronautics Administration, MOTC, Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, System Wide Electrical & Mechanical Project Office, Department of Rapid Transit System, Taipei City Government, East District Project Office, Department of Rapid Transit System, Taipei City Government, Joint Development Division, Department of Rapid Transit System, Taipei City Government, Kaohsiung Mass Rapid Transit Corporation, Taiwan Power Company, Pacific Engineers & Constructors, Ltd., T.Y. Lin Taiwan Consulting Engineers. Inc., CECI Engineering Consultants, Inc., Taiwan.
  • - Participated in applications for Judicial Yuan Interpretation Case Nos. 585, 603, and 732.
  • - Attended multiple Supreme Court oral arguments

1. Exploring the Construction Law (co-author) (published by Formosa Transnational, Attorneys at Law)
2. Construction Disputes and Practice (co-author) (published by the Arbitration Association of the R.O.C)
3. Expanding the Grounds for Annulment of the Arbitral Award upon the Agreement of the Parties (Law Journal, 2016)
4. Assessment of Damages (Formosa Law Journal, 2012)
5. Assessment of Damages (Law Journal, 2011)
6. Calculation and Reduction of Liquidated Damages (Law Journal, 2011)
7. Comment on Supreme Court Decision 96 Tai-Shang Zi No. 1412 (FT Law Review, 2009)
8. Legal Interests in Demanding Declaratory Judgments, Defendant's Standing and Res Judicata of the Judgment in Litigation to Claim Annulment in a Shareholders' Resolution (Law Journal, 2008)
9. Whether Properties Acquired before 4 June 1985 by Married Couples Should be Included within the Scope of Residual Property Distribution in the Family Law? (FT Law Review, 2002)


1. Is an Arbitration Clause Enforceable in Taiwan When Parties Agree to Expand the Grounds for Annulment of the Arbitral Award? -What Taiwan Can Learn from the American Experience