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Kyushu University, Graduate School of Law (LL.M.)
National Taiwan University, Department of Law (LL.M.)
National Taiwan University, Department of Law (LL.B.)
Exchange Student, Hokkaido University, Japan

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taichung Bar Association
- Kaohsiung Bar Association
- Hwalien Bar Association

  • - Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law, Intern Lawyer
  • - Judges Associate, Taipei District Court, Civil Enforcement Division
  • - Customs Broker Examination passed
  • - Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law, Associate
  • - Formosa Transnational Attorneys at Law, Senior Attorney
  • - Formosa Transnational Attorneys at law, Associate Partner
  • - Banking Law Workshops of Mega International Commercial Bank, Lecturer
  • - The Chinese Arbitration Association, Arbitrator
  • - Chinese Arbitration Association, Arbitrator
  • - Mediator (Division of Management), Taipei District Court
  • - Experts committee member (Division of Management), Shilin District Court
1. The Allocation of Accountabilities in the Traffic Accidents Derived of the Self-Driving Technology: An Introductory Note of the Judicial Interpretations in Taiwan and the Newly Enacted Self-Driving Car Regulation in France
2. Joint Exploitation in Taiwan - Centering on Land Development Adjacent to MRT Lines, FT LAW REVIEW, 2020 10
3. The introduction of the Technical Adviser on Japanese Code of Civil Procedure FT LAW REVIEW, 2019 2-6
4. On the Issues of Transfer of Performance Bonds-Illustrated in the Case of Offshore Wind Farms Financing, FT LAW REVIEW, 2019 10
5. An Introduction of the Japanese Mediation System in the Court, FT LAW REVIEW, 2018 6-8
6. The Resolution of Construction Disputes in Taiwan, FT LAW REVIEW, 2017 4-12
7. The 40th Anniversary Seminar of Formosa Transnational(II)---Enterprise Crisis Management in an Age of Change, FT LAW REVIEW, 2014 10
8. Common Controversies over Advance Payment Bonds for Public Construction Projects, FT LAW REVIEW, 2014 8
9. The Exception for the Unenforceable Trust Property--Analyzing the Judgment of the Supreme Court Case Year 2009 Tai Shang Zi No.41, FT LAW REVIEW, 2011 10
10. Strategics for Expedited Trial Procedures in Criminal Proceedings – Focus on Pre-trial Procedures in Japan (Lawyers Magazine Vol. 333)
11. Development of Japanese Law Reform – Importation of Judges
12. Criminal Investigation by Computers, Internet – On the Implementation of the Convention on Cyber Crime

1. The Regulations Regarding Examination of the Accused at the Investigation Stage (2020)
2. The Resolution of Construction Disputes in Taiwan (2017)
3. A Comparative Study of Dispute Resolution Procedures in Construction Disputes between Japan & Taiwan: Focusing on the Practical Use of Professional Knowledge (2017)

Joint Exploitation in Taiwan - Centering on Land Development Adjacent to MRT Lines, FT LAW REVIEW, 2021, 02