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  • - Intellectual Property
  • - Litigation
  • - Data Protection
  • - Technology, Media, and Telecom
  • - Entertainment
  • - Competition
  • - Environment
  • - Emerging Technologies
LL. M, University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA
Graduate School of Law, National Chengchi University
Bachelor of Law, National Taiwan University

- Taipei Bar Association
- Hsinchiu Bar Association
- Tainan Bar Association

  • - Co-Chair of World Law Group IP&IT practice group
  • - Vice Chairman of Intellectual Property and Innovative Technology Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Member of International Affairs Committee, National Bar Association
  • - Member of Intellectual Property Right Commitee, National Bar Association
  • - Member of Trademark and Patent Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Member of Information and Copyright Committee, Taipei Bar Association
  • - Adjunct Instructor, National Taipei University of Technology
1. Professionals of Technology Law in the Age of Legaltech and Artificial Intelligence(co-authored), FT Law Review 
2. Checklist for Trade Secret Protection: A Must-Know for Enterprises, FT Law Review
3. Strategy for Management of Intellectual Properties and Talents (co-authored), Account Research Journal
4. Is Non-Compete Clause Workable? Strategy for Protection of Trade Secret and Core Assets (co-authored), FT Law Review
5. Must-Knows for Cultural and Creative Industries: From 'BANANE HERMES', 'Crying CHANEL' to 'Dumb Starbucks' - Is Trademark Parody Allowed?, Trademark Legal Practice Decoded
6. From Information to Valued Assets: the 'Midas Touch', The 40th Anniversary Seminar of Formosa Transnational (III), FT Law Review
7. Personal Data Protection for Dummies - Corporation (co-authored), FT Law Review
8. Impact and Strategy for Taiwanese High-Tech Industry: The Impact of Expensing Employee Profit-sharing Programs Starting on 1 January 2008, FT Law Review
9. Tomiflu and Patent Compulsory Licensing, FT Law Review
10. How to Do Due Diligence regarding Intellectual Properties - Take the Patent Due Diligence as An Example, FT Law Review
11. Beyond "All Rights Reserved" and "No Rights Reserved": Introduction to Creative Commons, FT Law Review

1. Data Protection & Privacy 2020 - Taiwan, Getting The Deal Through 
2. Patent and Know-How Licensing Agreement (co-authored), International Business Transactions: Standard Forms and Documents 
3. Race against the virus: covid-19 clinical trial pharmaceutical patents in Taiwan 
4. Who’s popcorn is that? Movie company obtains orphan works license 
5. What business should do to protect their trade secrets in the US-China trade war 
6. Fintech, Intellectual Property, and Regulatory Sandbox (co-authored) 
7. Supreme Court Confirms Audit Report Qualified Basis to Claim Royalty”(co-authored) 
8. IP Court issues urgent disposition within 24 hours (co-authored) 
9. Show me the money’: making end users pay for copyrighted works (co-authored) 
10. Check before shaking hands on IP transactions: new antitrust rules (co-authored) 
11. Enforcing patent rights effectively (co-authored), IP Value 2014: Building and enforcing intellectual property value - An international guide for boardroom 
12. TFTC approves DVD patent pool formed by LG, Pioneer, Philips and Sony (co-authored) 
13. TIPO determines royalty rates for public performance (co-authored) 
14. Overhauling the Trademark Law (co-authored), IP Value 2012: Building and enforcing intellectual property value - An international guide for boardroom, Globe White Page Ltd. 
15. Validity issue and infringement, New Era of Intellectual Property Litigation