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United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) Patent Bar Examination
SJD, Candidate in Comparative Laws, Golden Gate University School of Law, CA, USA
LLM, in Intellectual Property Program, University of Washington, WA, USA
Bachelor of Law, National Taiwan University
Master of Science, Institute of Biochemical Science, National Taiwan University
Bachelor of Science, Department of Botany, National Taiwan University

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taiwan Intellectual Property Law Association
- Asian Patent Attorneys Association Taiwan Group
- Rotary Club of Taipei Shih Lin

  • - Lecturer, National Taiwan University, College of Life Science
  • - Assistant Researcher, Development Center for Biotechnology
  • - Patent Engineer, Top-Team Int’l Patent and Trademark Office

1. Review of the Inventive Step Requirements in Taiwan(2014)
2. Patent Ownership under the Employment Relationship(2013)
3. The New Amendment to the Patent Act related to the Pharmaceuticals(2012)
4. Norm, Indication, Advertisement of Genetically Modified Foods(2011)
5. Who has the patent (application) right? From the structure of Employment, Capital Contribution and Government Subsidiary(2011)
6. Patent Grace Period Is No Panacea(2010)
7. Patenting of Product, Process, and Product-By-Process(2010)
8. The Application of After-Arising Technologies to Patent Validity and Infringement(2009)
9. Patent Licensing and Exhaustion(2009)
10. The Development of Nonobviousness in Practice after the Decision in KSR – Looking into an Actual Example at Patent Medicine(2009)
11. Technical Examination Officers (Included in “The New Era of IP Litigation”(2008)
12. The Effect of Patent Act Amendment on the Protection of Inventions Related to Plant and Animal(2008)
13. The Application of Doctrine of Equivalents and Equivalents in Means-Plus-Function Language to Patent Infringement (2008)
14. Extraterritorial Effect of Patent Rights: Brief Review of US Supreme Court’s Decision in the Microsoft v. AT&T Case (2007)
15. Nonobviousness of Inventions: Introduction to KSR v. Teleflex (2007)
16. Organ Transplantation – Discussion of Biotechnology and Medical Ethics (2005)
17. Effect of the Administrative Action on Patent Infringement (2004)
18. Legal Issues of Depositing Biological Material along with Issues of Exercising Governmental Power by the Depositing Institute (2004)
19. Issues Regarding Termination of BOT Chartered Agreement prior to its Expiration (2003)
20. Biotech Patent System in the U.S. Patent Practice (2002)

1. Traditional Knowledge, Genetic Resources, and Biotech Patents - Controversy and Possible Solutions(2007)
2. Patent Protection for Biotechnology in Taiwan (2005)
3. Characterization of gamma-crystallin from the Eye Lens of Bullfrog: Complexity of gamma -crystallin Multigene Family as Revealed by Sequence Comparison among Different Amphibian Species (1996)
4. Sequence analysis of four acidic beta-crystallin subunits of amphibian lenses: phylogenetic comparison between beta- and gamma-crystallins (1996)
5. Octopus S-crystallins with endogenous glutathione S-transferase (GST) activity: sequence comparison and evolutionary relationships with authentic GST enzymes (1995)