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  • - Patent Litigation
  • - Intellectual Property
  • - Telecommunications & Internet
  • - IT Technology
  • - Biotechnology
University of Minnesota, Law School (LL.M.)
National Taiwan University, Institute of Building &Planning
National Taiwan University, Department of Law

- Taipei Bar Association
- Taiwan Law Society
- International Bar Association(IBA)
- Asian Patent Attorneys Association(APAA)
- International Trademark Association(INTA)
- American Intellectual Property Law Association(AIPLA)
- International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property(AIPPI)

- Managing Partner, Formosa Transnational
- Director, Technology Law Division, Formosa Transnational
- Chairman, Trademark Law and Patent Law Committee, Taipei Bar Association
- Counsel for setting up special IP Courts, the Judicial Yuan of the Republic of China
- Counsel for Judge Training Sessions, IP Courts of the Judicial Yuan, R.O.C.
- Professional Consultant of Taiwan Intellectual Property Training Academy (TIPA), Intellectual Property Office of MOEA, R.O.C.
- Commissioner, National Education Properties Committee, Ministry of Education
- Director, Taiwan Education Properties Foundation
- General Supervisor, Central Broadcasting Broadcasting System

1. Manage Agreement Between Co-owners
2. Winning Strategies and Practices of Patent Infringement Disputes
3. On the Interpretation of the Labor Health Safety Laws
4. The Liability for Infringement of Service Mark
5. The Concept of Service Mark
6. On the Use of the Service Mark
7. Lawyer’s Ethics 8. The Economic Role of Justice, Law and Freedom (translation)

1. What Attorneys Should Know about the Practice of Law in Taiwan.
2. Trade Secret Protection in Taiwan.
3. E-Commerce and the Law of Digital Signatures (Taiwan Chapter).
4. Changes in the IP Enforcement Regime.
5. The IP Court Is Ready to Go.
6. Developing Special Procedures for Patent Prosecution.